Planning a trip to Versailles with your little one? Hire baby equipment from Baby On A Trip!

We deliver car seats, travel cots, strollers, and more, 7 days a week.

Whether you're in a hotel, an Airbnb or with family, we've got you covered!

Stroller rental and delivery 7 days a week

Stroller rental in Versailles

Rent baby equipment in Versailles with confidence.

We enforce a strict policy regarding hygiene and safety to ensure that the stroller or high chair you are renting is in perfect condition.

Every piece of baby equipment undergoes thorough checks and sanitization before delivery.

We will demonstrate how to set up and use your baby equipment, providing safety advice for your complete peace of mind.

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Car seat rental and delivery 7 days a week

Car seat rental in Versailles

Baby Equipment available in Versailles

At Home: Rent a travel cot, a high chair, a bouncer, or a baby bathtub.

On the Road: Rent a car seat, a booster seat, or a carrycot.

For Strolls: Rent a stroller or a baby carrier.

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Cot rental and delivery 7 days a week

Cot rental in Versailles

How can I rent baby equipment in Versailles?

Hiring a stroller or a travel cot in Versailles with Baby On A Trip is super easy.

First you need to select the baby equipment you wish to hire.

Then choose your travelling dates and pay online.

You will be contacted by your Provider within 24 hours to arrange for a delivery appointment

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